But what’s really important are Cases, Not Just Clicks — and there are no shortcuts to getting those.

Big Voodoo doesn’t take shortcuts. We don’t oversimplify the challenges attorneys face in today’s digital, mobile marketing environment, where the landscape is shifting constantly.

Because within that complexity is one simple truth: the continuous evolution in how consumers access and act on information is an opportunity to change the competitive balance in any market.


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There are no easy answers
But we're ready to do the hard work it takes to get our clients results.
Brand is Key
Brand is Key
Consumers Buy Products, but they Choose Brands
It takes time for brands to earn trust, but it's worth the effort
With Credibility brands maintain leadership over time
Quality brands that are reliable inspire Confidence
winning and maintaining consumer Preference takes discipline
Building Your Brand
Building Your Brand
starts and ends with insanely great products
We put it in writing

Big Voodoo is so committed to transparency, we not only make sure our clients understand what we're doing — we tell the entire legal sector.

The insights we’ve brought forward in our presentations have changed our competitors’ business model. So you can follow the leader, or follow a follower.

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Command Attention
And your contract
We don't make you sign a long term contract - you’ll be too busy signing up cases
Performance matters
it's our bottom line
We hold ourselves accountable for how our programs produce. Because our clients do, too
The extra mile
without extra costs
Our comprehensive offering delivers it all: from mobile to social to metrics
Remote control
has nothing on us
Hassle-free, totally managed, actively monitored. We take care of all the details

Once the phone rings – or an email/chat reaches your Firm – how are you or your staff handling the Firm response?

Our most successful law firm clients realize how to handle this intake from start to finish.

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If you are a needle in Google's haystack, light a match
For One Thing,
Big Voodoo has its origins in decades of legal consumer marketing experience. Long before anyone went online, we were already focused on what it takes to get injury victims to respond.
For One Thing,
Big Voodoo takes a long term approach to our clients' success, because we believe in the immense potential of a powerful online brand. When we partner with a firm, we're in it to win it.
For One Thing,
Big Voodoo is far more than a technology company. We address crucial aspects of your marketing strategy and find ways to build your brand equity before a single line of code is written.
For One Thing,
Big Voodoo is always ready to adapt. We don't believe lawyers should be locked into one specific approach by a long-term contract. Or as we say: don't bring a phone book to a smart phone fight.
And Another Thing


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