Short attention spans are the ugly truth of the legal web

You have a brief window of time to make your case.

A typical legal website with copy that doesn’t speak to the skeptical consumer simply won’t cut it. The average legal consumer will look at as many 5 websites before deciding which firm to contact. Understand this, consumers buy products and services, but they choose brands.

If you don’t have the best branded website in your market, you won’t be selected and they’ll simply become another meaningless statistic in your monthly analytics report.


The process is painless

We take care of everything. Our marketing team, designers, and writers thoroughly understand the process of SEO (search engine optimization), which is crucial to enhance ranking in search engines.

Our development process incorporates professional branding of your firm’s site, so it will not only capture the essence of your firm, it will capture new cases. Plus, it all happens within a tightly managed, turnkey development process that won’t bog you down or sap your productivity.

Big Voodoo clients are amazed how quickly their new site is up and running; doubly so when they start signing new cases at a rate they never would have imagined prior to working with us. Are you ready to be amazed by the cases you get from your site? Then you are ready for Big Voodoo Interactive.


Sites that copy get pasted

Do you want performance from your website? Do you want client conversions? Are you looking to move up to Page One on Google? Consider three important keywords: Content, content, content.

Search engines and consumers seek out original, relevant content. At Big Voodoo Interactive, we provide clients with custom content tailored to the kinds of cases they are looking to attract. Our well-written, fact-based web pages, blog posts, articles, and news updates not only save the client time and energy, they produce results.

Understanding your audience — and capturing leads

We create content for law firms, but we write for consumers: we understand how legal consumers think. We bring together the needs of the law firm with the desires of the consumer. Our writers are skilled at writing informative copy designed to dominate search engine results and not trip up the reader with legal jargon.

People talk differently depending on where they live. Does the consumer search “semi” or “18-wheeler?” Your custom content will be written to target consumers in your geographical area.

Call Big Voodoo Interactive today for a site with content that will take you to the leading edge of the legal web.


We keep you current, to keep you out in front

Accident victims (and often their wives, husbands, or adult children) are hungry for information relevant to their circumstances. What are the symptoms of brain injury? What are signs of nursing home negligence? What is a law firm’s success rate?

We can help guide a potential client to your site with informative online articles. Articles for your website work on different levels. Think of article writing as a way of addressing common client questions and boosting your website’s performance.



The “eyes” have it when it comes to attracting cases

Article writing is a crucial part of our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Search engines love articles which are keyword-rich and provide inbound links to your site. Articles drive potential clients to your website. We have the experience in the personal injury category to use articles to reach specific audiences you seek, so you get quality intakes and not just random website visitors.

At Big Voodoo Interactive, we are constantly creating informative new articles for law firms, ranging from “how to” types of articles to stories about changes in local laws.

Call us today to learn how our services can be a game-changer for your firm.


Tap our expertise for a pipeline of new cases

How do you turn a click into a client? At BigVoodoo Interactive, our interactive features exemplify both the art and science of generating online cases.

Your custom-built website will include a variety of user-friendly “contact” elements available 24/7 and precision-tuned to drive web conversions. We are always evolving our interface and technologies to ensure that our clients have the most powerful visitor-to-client conversion tools. It’s part of the reason our sites convert at twice the rate (or more) of the leading legal web firms.

· Click to call: A small pop-up menu that asks the user to enter a phone number to be connected to a representative.

· Contact form: Every page on your website will include a link to a form that asks the user for basic contact information.

· Live chat: Visitors to the site will have an option to begin an online discussion about their potential case with a live operator. You will have fast access to the chat transcript.

The technology, responsiveness, and analytics of our lead-capturing features can be complex, but the key is how simple we keep the experience for the user. This makes relying on BigVoodoo Interactive to help you achieve your goals a simple decision to make.