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Account Management Bulletin

Dear Clients:

As a website customer of Big Voodoo Interactive, one of the services we provide is tracking updates of changes in any new algorithm changes that we are seeing ahead or currently dealing with in the management of your website.

Well, Google has once again changed search results, and like we have been preaching as of the latest few months - it has gone full steam ahead towards mobile & localization.

What does that all mean? In short localization means Google and other search providers are trying to detect the location of your mobile device while you travel, then serve the best search result for your present location. While this is mainly used to target Hotel and Restaurants being a local business this effects your law firm as well.

As we have made mention in past bulletins (see here: http://cts.vresp.com/c/?BIGVOODOOINTERACTIVE/c56d48c0fb/TEST/f67d053704 of the recent Google Pigeon Update- we are starting to see some feedback regarding the local market space. This especially includes the legal vertical.

According to the analysis in BrightEdge's data set*, we found queries related to the following topics being the most negatively impacted by Pigeon:

  • Jobs (68 percent decline in Google Places results)
  • Real estate (63 percent decline in the Google Places results)
  • Movies (36 percent decline in the Google Places results)
  • Insurance (11 percent decline in the Google Places results)

Even with normal page 1 ranks, we are also seeing some fluctuations in conversion data (being down) for Legal, Medical, and Bankruptcy Finance by varying degrees and depending upon the actual local market. Companies who have changed addresses, names, or had shared office locations have the seen the most fluctuation this year. Google is providing some guidance to the industry for the coming year.

As part of managing your law firms website (some you may have already seen), we will be rolling out the following changes as part of a plan to mitigate any fluctuations:

  • Roll out of additional local website ranking tools to hunt down old address, phone numbers, or duplicated address that have emerged since Google Pigeon - and clean them up.
  • Additional Tie in's to iPhone and Android map systems. We are seeing as much as 70% users search with a mobile device.
  • Legal, Medical and Finance are now considered high risk to Google. Therefore we will be encrypting all websites with SSL over the coming year.
  • Assisting in adding Additional reviews and customer testimonials around the web

We would also encourage you to use Facebook to promote any local charities or events you participate in; as well as adding Pay Per click advertising as part of your over all media and marketing mix.

Contact your Account Manager if you have any questions or comments.

Happy Fall!

Paige Gore
Director of Client Services
Big Voodoo Interactive

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