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Easy to Do Online CFA Forms

One of the biggest challenges a law firm can encounter after they receive an intake through their marketing efforts, is getting that intake to sign a contingent agreement ("CFA").

While the traditional manner of asking someone to come to the firm, or visiting the client to sign the CFA is still preferred; with the technological advancements of e-Signatures*, there are some very accessible solutions that can ease this process - and allow your firm to sign up cases in a more simple, and most importantly, real-time manner.

With e-Signature online software, a firm can simply set-up an account with an email and password login, where your intake staff or attorney(s) can email a potential client a CFA, safely and securely - to initial and sign right through their email.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Create an Account with EchoSign**, or other similar online e-Signature vendor.
  2. Follow the basic steps (we recommend testing internally with staff before instituting, so you have a formalized process to walk clients through) to send a form via Email.
  3. Email to client!

This process takes about 5 minutes per CFA once familiar with the program!

Not only will E-Signature software save your staff time and resources - under the right supervision, the process has the ability to provide a much higher conversion rate of closing CFA's.  It also gives you some flexibility in scheduling a follow up in-person appointment at a mutually convenient time with your new client as well as an immediate ability to begin processing their claim.  This early time in a case is critical to establishing an attorney/client relationship, starting critical investigations, obtaining rental transportation, or resolving lost wage or property damage claims.

Eliminating these barriers for your staff and clients will go a long way to continuing to grow your practice, one case at a time - and allows your staff to do what they do best - work on a client's case.

*Check with your state bar association to be sure an electronic signature is an acceptable form of obtaining a client retainer agreement/contract.

**There are many different vendors out there to use, and the suggested EchoSign in this post is only one of those examples.

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