Make search engine friends and influence people

Search engines pay close attention to social media trends. As you add more Facebook fans, your ranking in search engines will begin to rise; as you attract more Twitter followers, the search engines will begin to see your website as more relevant. At the same time, you are obtaining key user engagement. More people in your market are getting to know who you are.

The payoff comes from the fact that BigVoodoo manages the entire process: all you have to do is handle the intakes that your broader visibility inspires.

Grow your web presence and grow your brand

Social media works to grow your business because:

  • Your brand gets known in your market: Social media by definition is about many people connecting with each other. When someone "likes" a status update on your Facebook account, or when your Twitter post is “re-tweeted” or a blog is linked, you get more exposure.
  • Information is forwarded to others: On Twitter, Facebook and other outlets, an interesting tidbit gets passed along to others. When your social media posting goes viral, your law firm gets instant recognition.
  • Your law firm is an authority: Fans, friends and followers will begin to see you as the go-to source for legal information. They know if they need legal services, or they need to refer a friend, your firm will be the business to contact based on the quality information you have posted through social media.

By getting former, current, and potential clients reading your posts on Facebook, comments on Twitter or watching your videos on YouTube, you are creating a dominant web presence that brings in cases.

Social media can create a ripple effect that can help you make waves in your market. Let BigVoodoo Interactive show you how.