Aggressive web campaigns, impressive results

There was a time when it was a reasonable idea for lawyers to turn to web firms to get a quick website up and running. Of course, there was a time when the fax machine was innovative.

If you want to attract the big cases, you need more than a web firm that simply understands how to build a site. You need an online marketing agency that truly understands the consumer’s mindset and online habits.

Understanding consumers, anticipating their actions

At BigVoodoo Interactive, our team understands how injury victims think when they are ready to contact an attorney. We have a deep understanding of behavior patterns, from the time they start entering their search to the moment they contact your firm through your website.

Quality leads

Many web firms talk about driving traffic to your website. The BigVoodoo online marketing approach takes it further: We focus on generating quality leads. Our focus on quality leads is one of the reasons our sites produce cases at a rate of 2:1 over the leading attorney marketing firm sites.