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New news is good news

To gain performance from your website, you need content that is regularly updated. Blogs, or blogging, is a highly effective way of offering new, informative content on your website. The best legal websites provide a wealth of new information not only about the nuts and bolts of personal injury law, but about the latest and hottest trends.

At Big Voodoo Interactive, we understand what it takes to build a website that performs for a law firm. We will manage your firm's blog so that you can inform your potential clients as well as increase your overall exposure online.

Social credibility that creates results

Effective blogging works on different levels. A well-written and researched post can do any of the following:

  • Increase brand awareness: Your blogs about texting while driving, bicycle laws, or any legal topic can help build an audience. Your name gets spread by word of mouth, or by a link to your blog that's forwarded by a reader.
  • Improve your SEO efforts: The blog post includes links back to relevant pages on your web site, which can improve your search ranking with search engines. The blog helps you rank for powerful keyword phrases, such as your main practice areas and the name of your firm.
  • Boost your online exposure: Consumers hunt for information in many different ways. For example, someone may try a blog search to find content about drunk driving accidents. Another consumer might stick with a regular Google search. The more online tools you have, the better chances you will have of getting noticed.

Blogs are just one of the ways we keep our clients on the leading edge of the legal web. After all, that's where the results are. We are ready to tell you more about it: call now.