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Sites That Copy Get Pasted

Do you want performance from your website? Do you want client conversions? Are you looking to move up to Page One on Google? Consider three important keywords: Content, content, content.

Search engines and consumers seek out original, relevant content. At Big Voodoo Interactive, we provide clients with custom content tailored to the kinds of cases they are looking to attract. Our well-written, fact-based web pages, blog posts, articles, and news updates not only save the client time and energy, they produce results.

Understanding your audience - and capturing leads

We create content for law firms, but we write for consumers: we understand how legal consumers think. We bring together the needs of the law firm with the desires of the consumer. Our writers are skilled at writing informative copy designed to dominate search engine results and not trip up the reader with legal jargon.

People talk differently depending on where they live. Does the consumer search "semi" or "18-wheeler?" Your custom content will be written to target consumers in your geographical area.

Call Big Voodoo Interactive today for a site with content that will take you to the leading edge of the legal web.