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You want an additional source of cases, not an additional job

When a law firm gets bogged down in the process of trying to write copy for a website, it can't write briefs. If your support staff is doing research on email or hosting solutions, they aren't servicing clients.

Reports and results at your fingertips

Big Voodoo has the technological expertise, teams of responsive project and account managers, and a core knowledge of marketing in the legal channel to take all the hassles out of developing a powerful, results-driven online presence. And keep you informed every step of the way.

We make sure we are accountable to the specific needs of your firm right from the outset of working together. The information we gather from you about your firm's areas of focus and the market conditions you face become central to our development process. We understand exactly why, when, and how to deploy ancillary elements such as blogs, YouTube channels, and other features to get the results you demand.

Once your site is online, we will check in with you regularly to report on what's working best and what's happening next. We are always there with answers to your questions and responses to your concerns. And it all happens without you being locked into a long-term contract.

Big Voodoo will take care of the details that let you take care of business.

the technical support, services and resources you need to stay ahead of the game

You're more than a name in a directory to us

You're in a competitive field. You need an edge. At Big Voodoo Interactive, the ongoing support and service we provide keeps your online presence rising above the crowd - so you can take your brand to the next level. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly monitoring a website's performance through analytics and anticipating the needs of our clients.

Support and service is key to online success

Our team not only builds your website's infrastructure, we provide you with the technical support, services and resources you need to stay ahead of the game.

  • Online presence: We help you maintain and sustain crucial keyword rankings. We have the tools and resources to get you a Page One listing for Google and other major search engines.
  • Emails and phone calls: Big Voodoo Interactive quickly responds to your emails or phone calls. We address minor and major issues related to your website and online presence.
  • Hijack alert: Our highly skilled team understands the online world is not always a friendly environment. If your site gets hacked, or a competitor is playing dirty to hurt your search results, we will act aggressively to address the problem and get your site back on course.
  • Technical support: Technical issues both big and small may come up. Our developers and programmers are prepared to address any type of technical problem that surfaces.

Contact Big Voodoo Interactive today to learn more.

We don't stand still, so you won't fall behind

A lot of law firms get a new website but don't see any new case activity. And if they're stuck in a long-term contract, they probably won't see any changes. That's not the way things work at Big Voodoo.

Not only are our clients unbound by contract, they see continual updates and improvements made available to them. Our new features are developed to make sure you will not miss a beat. You can focus on your practice; we make sure you maintain a strong online presence.

The following are just some of the proprietary components our developers have created to enhance our clients' ability to attract new cases:

  • Blogger basic - Blogs are among the most powerful legal online marketing tools. Blog posts help you market your law firm and strengthen your brand, but also help drive traffic to your website.
  • Newsflash - A breaking news story in your area attracts attention and often involves a legal angle. With our newsflash service, we monitor news in your market and write stories that are relevant to your practice. A big story will lead to a flurry of searches. We post the story to your website, which experiences a surge in traffic. With Newsflash, you can be a news source for your community and drive potential clients to your website.
  • Hijack alert - We monitor the analytics and performance of your website to see if it's been compromised in any manner. If your site gets hacked, or a third party is unscrupulously driving traffic away from your website, we can step in and take aggressive action to get you back on track.

At Big Voodoo Interactive, our team is always looking for ways to boost website performance. So you can keep boosting your book of new cases.

you can focus on your practice; we make sure you maintain a strong online presence

We know our stuff - and we can show you

Information on website traffic is not hard to come by. The difference of working with Big Voodoo is that you will be partnered with a comprehensive online marketing and development resource that knows what to do with it.

Analytics provide us with valuable consumer information to create higher converting websites. Constant monitoring gives us insight into your website traffic. By knowing more about your website visitors, we can better track our marketing initiatives.

More than information: response

Analytics can tell us which keyword phrases work best to achieve your goals. We often encounter attorney websites optimized for phrases like "Texas motor vehicle accidents." While we can optimize a page for this phrase, we can show our clients through analytics that a more specific, real-world-language phrase like "Dallas car accident lawyer" will work better.

Analytics is one of many tools we use to sharpen our consumer understanding. Our unmatched experience marketing to the legal consumer is one of the reasons why our sites generate cases at a 2:1 rate over the leading attorney marketing sites.

Contact Big Voodoo Interactive today: With the right analytics, you'll know exactly what the leading edge of the legal web looks like.