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Accident victims (and often their wives, husbands, or adult children) are hungry for information relevant to their circumstances. What are the symptoms of brain injury? What are signs of nursing home negligence? What is a law firm's success rate?

We can help guide a potential client to your site with informative online articles. Articles for your website work on different levels. Think of article writing as a way of addressing common client questions and boosting your website's performance.

The "eyes" have it when it comes to attracting cases

Article writing is a crucial part of our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Search engines love articles which are keyword-rich and provide inbound links to your site. Articles drive potential clients to your website. We have the experience in the personal injury category to use articles to reach specific audiences you seek, so you get quality intakes and not just random website visitors.

At Big Voodoo Interactive, we are constantly creating informative new articles for law firms, ranging from "how to" types of articles to stories about changes in local laws.

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