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If you are a needle in Google's haystack, light a match

Personal injury lawyer websites generally compete for a handful of important keyword phrases. Usually, they are the words attorneys use themselves - that's a crucial mistake we see all the time.

At Big Voodoo, we have decades of experience understanding consumers: They don't speak like attorneys. You might refer to "motor vehicle cases," but the average consumer will likely search for "car accident." An optimized site will include articles with "long tail" keywords: phrases with four or more words that a consumer might enter into a search engine (for example, "injured in a Chicago car accident").

Part psychology, part technology

The key to successful SEO efforts is anticipating words that consumers use and gracefully weaving them into the content. When these phrases are sprinkled throughout the content, search engines can identify the website and rank it accordingly.

A website that is poorly optimized will sink. Quality SEO, combined with our other online marketing techniques, will help a site rise to the top. Which way are you headed?