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Short Attention Spans Are the Ugly Truth of the Legal Web

You have a brief window of time to make your case.

A typical legal website with copy that doesn't speak to the skeptical consumer simply won't cut it. The average legal consumer will look at as many as 5 websites before deciding which firm to contact. Understand this, consumers buy products and services, but they choose brands.

If you don't have the best branded website in your market, you won't be selected and they'll simply become another meaningless statistic in your monthly analytics report.

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The process is painless

We take care of everything. Our marketing team, designers, and writers thoroughly understand the process of SEO (search engine optimization), which is crucial to enhance ranking in search engines.

Our development process incorporates professional branding of your firm's site, so it will not only capture the essence of your firm, it will capture new cases. Plus, it all happens within a tightly managed, turnkey development process that won't bog you down or sap your productivity.

Big Voodoo clients are amazed how quickly their new site is up and running; doubly so when they start signing new cases at a rate they never would have imagined prior to working with us. Are you ready to be amazed by the cases you get from your site? Then you are ready for Big Voodoo Interactive.