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Pay Per Click

Without an effective PPC strategy, you're wasting your money

At first glance, bidding for Google Ads seems straightforward: highest bidder gets the best positions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even so, this misconception persists. That's why so many firms still pay jaw-dropping premiums for certain keywords.

Many firms assume the bidding process (and only the bidding process) determines ad cost. They assume the only way to get better results is to spend more money. Google loves these online marketers. We call it pay-through-the-nose per click!

When you understand what factors drive the pay and the click in Pay-Per-Click, you will dominate your market.

Your online ally in war for clients

When you work with the right partner, your firm can take an effective approach to PPC. Instead of wasting resources, your PPC budget will work harder and deliver more qualified leads than ever before. How much more? We often improve PPC cost-performance by 30 percent or more. We start by understanding two critical factors about how Google Ads really work.

Is your firm taking an integrated approach to pay per click?

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First - Google knows it's their ability to deliver relevant search results that keeps people coming back. If they simply took the highest bidder, they would wind up with ads that have nothing to do with what people search for online.

Second - Google only gets revenue when ads are clicked. They have a vested interest in making sure ads matter to customers. No clicks, no payments, no matter how much your firm paid for your ad.

Battle-tested tactics that deliver results

The war between law firms for quality clients can be relentless. And you don't have the right approach online, your firm will lose this critical battle for survival.

Our strategy turns clicks into cases. We can help your firm:

  • Create a budget on your terms
  • Build a brand narrative that speaks directly to customers
  • Integrate fresh content that compliments your PPC strategy
  • Manage your online footprint through local SEO

The best part - we can prove it works!

Outsmart the competition

Big Voodoo can leverage these fundamental principles to your advantage and create a high-performing PPC campaign. And when your marketing strategy works, your firm will outperform the competition.

What's the secret to our success? We don't approach PPC as an add-on marketing tool. Instead, we understand that your PPC campaign should be an essential part of your company's online brand presence.

Direct the 'right' traffic to your firm

What worked a few years ago won't work today. Your PPC vendor needs to constantly stay on top of how the legal market works. And they need to know what kind of cases you want. Conversion matters. But it only matters if you're getting the right cases.

If you're feeling pressured to invest in pay per click, don't wage a losing battle. Fight to win. Team up with a partner who knows how to dominate the competition. Contact Big Voodoo right now.


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