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Online video is huge - and growing. Video has become a key online marketing tool as well as an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). At Big Voodoo Interactive, we know how to harness the power of video. A dominant web presence is strengthened by online video that delivers your message and engages the legal consumer.

Recognition, reputation, results

Video provides an emotional and personal element to your social campaigns that the written word cannot match. Whether you or a celebrity spokesperson is delivering your message, or a prior client is offering a testimonial, video delivers a compelling reason for accident victims to trust their case to you.

Other benefits of online video include:

  • Search engine optimization: Video on your website can help you rank higher for relevant keyword phrases.
  • You are the expert: You can speak directly to a potential client with authority. If you don't feel comfortable on camera, a celebrity spokesperson can represent your firm.
  • Cutting edge technology: Your website will be ahead of the curve when you use video.
  • Building trust: People who see you or a spokesperson speaking about your services will be more likely to trust your firm. Trust is a big step toward capturing a lead.
  • Your firm will be remembered: Studies find that audio and visual stimuli increase retention.

We have a professional video production team ready to shoot in high definition. Whether it's you, a celebrity spokesperson, or an engaging client testimonial, online video represents the opportunity to dominate your market online and turn leads into clients.

That's what happens on the leading edge of the legal web. Call now.