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Tap Our Expertise for a Pipeline of New Cases

How do you turn a click into a client? At Big Voodoo Interactive, our interactive features exemplify both the art and science of generating online cases.

Your custom-built website will include a variety of user-friendly "contact" elements available 24/7 and precision-tuned to drive web conversions. We are always evolving our interface and technologies to ensure that our clients have the most powerful visitor-to-client conversion tools. It's part of the reason our sites convert at twice the rate (or more) of the leading legal web firms.

  • Click to call: A small pop-up menu that asks the user to enter a phone number to be connected to a representative.
  • Contact form: Every page on your website will include a link to a form that asks the user for basic contact information.
  • Live chat: Visitors to the site will have an option to begin an online discussion about their potential case with a live operator. You will have fast access to the chat transcript.

The technology, responsiveness, and analytics of our lead-capturing features can be complex, but the key is how simple we keep the experience for the user. This makes relying on Big Voodoo Interactive to help you achieve your goals a simple decision to make.