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We know our stuff - and we can show you

Information on website traffic is not hard to come by. The difference of working with Big Voodoo is that you will be partnered with a comprehensive online marketing and development resource that knows what to do with it.

Analytics provide us with valuable consumer information to create higher converting websites. Constant monitoring gives us insight into your website traffic. By knowing more about your website visitors, we can better track our marketing initiatives.

More than information: response

Analytics can tell us which keyword phrases work best to achieve your goals. We often encounter attorney websites optimized for phrases like "Texas motor vehicle accidents." While we can optimize a page for this phrase, we can show our clients through analytics that a more specific, real-world-language phrase like "Dallas car accident lawyer" will work better.

Analytics is one of many tools we use to sharpen our consumer understanding. Our unmatched experience marketing to the legal consumer is one of the reasons why our sites generate cases at a 2:1 rate over the leading attorney marketing sites.

Contact Big Voodoo Interactive today: With the right analytics, you'll know exactly what the leading edge of the legal web looks like.