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We don't stand still, so you won't fall behind

A lot of law firms get a new website but don't see any new case activity. And if they're stuck in a long-term contract, they probably won't see any changes. That's not the way things work at Big Voodoo.

Not only are our clients unbound by contract, they see continual updates and improvements made available to them. Our new features are developed to make sure you will not miss a beat. You can focus on your practice; we make sure you maintain a strong online presence.

The following are just some of the proprietary components our developers have created to enhance our clients' ability to attract new cases:

  • Blogger basic - Blogs are among the most powerful legal online marketing tools. Blog posts help you market your law firm and strengthen your brand, but also help drive traffic to your website.
  • Newsflash - A breaking news story in your area attracts attention and often involves a legal angle. With our newsflash service, we monitor news in your market and write stories that are relevant to your practice. A big story will lead to a flurry of searches. We post the story to your website, which experiences a surge in traffic. With Newsflash, you can be a news source for your community and drive potential clients to your website.
  • Hijack alert - We monitor the analytics and performance of your website to see if it's been compromised in any manner. If your site gets hacked, or a third party is unscrupulously driving traffic away from your website, we can step in and take aggressive action to get you back on track.

At Big Voodoo Interactive, our team is always looking for ways to boost website performance. So you can keep boosting your book of new cases.