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How Does Your Firm's Expertise, Authority & Trust Measure Up?

    Answer these 4 easy questions for an instant E-A-T assessment.

    1. Is your site's content strategically focused (70% or more) on one practice area?

    If yes, what is your firm's primary practice area?

    2. Does your website have in-coming links (backlinks) from well-established legal websites?

    If yes, do you know your firm's authority score?

    3. Do you actively manage how your firm's Name, Address, Phone, and Website (NAPW) are listed across the web?

    If yes, have you claimed your listings on top legal directories?

    4. Is your website in compliance with privacy regulations such as CCPA and GDPR?

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    Your Firm's E-A-T Score:

    A member of our business development team will follow up with you shortly to provide more insight into your firm’s expertise, authority and trust. Here is some brief insight into each area.

    #1: Expertise

    An effective content strategy makes your site more recognizable to search engines and to consumers for its EXPERTISE.

    A website that does not focus its content strategy will not have its EXPERTISE recognized by search engines (or by consumers).

    #2: Authority

    Links from established, reputable websites convey AUTHORITY to your site, supporting your position in search results.

    Without the validation of backlinks from recognized legal websites, Google may not deem your firm's site to have proper AUTHORITY.

    #3: Trust

    By managing the consistent use of your valid NAPW on directories and other sites, you earn greater TRUST from Google.

    When your NAPW is inconsistent or invalid from one listing to the next (chamber of commerce, legal directories, etc.) Google will not grant the TRUST you deserve.

    #4: Compliance

    Meeting contemporary standards for online consumer protection elevates the TRUST Google places in your site.

    Online privacy regulations are becoming the "new normal." You need up-to-date technology to stay in compliance and earn TRUST from Google.