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How Does Your Firm's Expertise, Authority & Trust Measure Up?

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    1. Does your website have a focused strategy of 70% or more in one practice area?

    If yes, what is your firm's primary practice area?
    2. Does your website have citations from highly authoritative domains?

    If yes, do you know your firm's authority score?
    3. Do you actively manage your firm's digital footprint (Name, Address, Phone, Website)?

    If yes, have you claimed your listings on top legal directories?
    4. Is your website in compliance with emerging privacy regulations?

    If yes, is this information stored on a secure ledger or blockchain?
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    Your Firm's E-A-T Score:

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    A focused strategy not only helps consumers understand your website, but also Google.


    By building high-quality citations and disavowing low-quality ones, this helps Google to view your site as authoritative.


    Maintaining an accurate and consistent NAPW is a fast way to build authority and trust in the eyes of Google, especially on authoritative legal directories.

    With GDPR and CCPA, it’s critical to store and protect the data collected by your website on a secure blockchain and by leveraging trusted AI tech.