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Google Shifts to Mobile Search: Big Voodoo Has You Covered

Google announced it is expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Without question, the algorithm change will have a dramatic impact on search results.

At Big Voodoo Interactive, we've been anticipating this shift over the past couple of years and have designed all websites to be mobile friendly. More and more consumers are using their smart phones and tablets to search for attorneys. We strive to stay months or even years ahead of the curve. We quickly adapt to any SEO changes to make sure every client has an edge in a competitive marketplace.

What Google's announcement means - and how we've prepared your brand

On Feb. 26, Google announced an expansion on its use of mobile-friendliness in ranking websites. The algorithm change, effective April 21, will have a significant impact on mobile searches of all languages and search rankings around the world. What's more, Google's projected timeline suggests that brands should work to develop and launch mobile-friendly sites before the algorithm update happens. After April 21, brands with dedicated and separate desktop and mobile sites are at risk of experiencing a dramatic decline in rankings.

Big Voodoo has long been designing mobile-friendly sites

Big Voodoo clients have nothing to worry about. Our clients' sites are designed to perform on phones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.

According to Google, the algorithm changes are critical in enabling users to "get relevant, high quality search results for their devices." Mobile websites allow users to access responsive and dedicated sites optimized for specific devices.

Research has shown that consumers are conducting more mobile searches every day. Accident victims are using iPads and smart phones to search for personal injury lawyers, sometimes from the crash scene or even the hospital. Google is responding - and so is Big Voodoo.

Keeping you ahead of the curve

There is little doubt consumers will turn away from brands that don't offer functionality and accessibility in a website. That's why we've worked hard to keep you ahead of the game. By the time Google tested the upcoming algorithm change with the debut of "mobile-friendly" labels in November 2014, Big Voodoo Interactive had done the research to anticipate these changes.

Mobile technology plays a critical role in increasing brand visibility. Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices direct potential clients to your firm. Site design, responsiveness and functionality are critical components that keep you head and shoulders above your competitors.

We take your site so seriously. Optimization is key.

We understand the importance of responsiveness when building your mobile site - and the growing role that website responsiveness across all platforms can play in determining search rankings. We do not oversimplify the challenges your firm faces in an increasingly mobile environment. We don't take shortcuts when we make sure visitors to your website are treated to the highest degree of functionality and responsiveness.

Instead, we focus on one key element: Increasing your brand's visibility in a constantly shifting landscape.