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Important Advisory: Fake Map Listings

Google searchGoogle has confirmed that there was another broad core algorithm update on March 12, 2019. Just as with previous core updates, Google has advised that no action needs to be taken, as previously stated by their public search liaison, Danny Sullivan.

If you’ve been following Google’s Terms of Services, which Big Voodoo strictly adheres to, then there is no need for concern with this most recent update.

A Separate Issue

Additionally, we recently noticed that Google My Business (GMB) and the maps results have been inundated with spam. These fake map listings are loaded with keywords, which is a common black hat practice, and Big Voodoo has taken action in all markets to report these spam accounts directly to Google.

Keep in mind that the issue with GMB and fake map listings aren’t tied to the recent core update. This is a separate issue that Google is aware of and working to resolve promptly.

No action is required in response to the recent core update but there is a critical action step we are advising all our clients to take regarding the GMB issue.

For every verified office the firm has, we recommend using a cell phone to make a simple video that displays the following:

  • The outside of the building and the main entrance
  • Your firm’s name on any signage or business directories in the lobby
  • Your office doorway and entrance
  • A quick pan of your office interior

We recommend addressing this matter ASAP. Although video is the preferred method, photos are also a suitable option. Any video footage and/or photos can be emailed to your account manager in order to update your firm’s GMB page(s).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

We understand that these core updates can be challenging for your business. Big Voodoo is invested in this cleanup process and the overall success of your firm. The main thing to keep in mind is that once the dust settles, Big Voodoo clients always tend to net the biggest gains.