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Making the Pieces Work Together

With smart phones and tablets, users are spending more time online - your firm must be seen in more places in order to keep up. Using paid, proactive online marketing is the ideal complement to your core website SEO strategy. And the time to act is now.

An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing

Content Marketing • Pay-Per-Click • Banner Re-marketing

With an online marketing approach where each component works together, you can make more frequent and wide-reaching impressions, while also building long-term authority for your firm's brand. Read our recommendations below: more and more research is showing that a balanced approach - not "either/or" decisions - represents a new opportunity to win at search and conversion.

Content marketing

marketing_storyWhen you create and distribute fact-based content on topics relevant to your practice and your market, you build equity in the long-term authority of your online brand. It may take the form of public relations in local area; it can also be an expert article that appears on a high-value legal content network. It's a gradual process, but the gains are permanent and build towards future success.