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Big Cases from Innovative AI Tech

SherloQ™ with IBM Watson is the first AI core for websites and ad campaigns. This innovative technology puts artificial intelligence at the core of digital marketing in the legal industry and ultimately drives higher quality cases to your firm.

Big Voodoo’s development team built SherloQ™ in 2016 as a solution to a problem our agency faced. As a Big Voodoo client, you get exclusive access to game changing AI technology at no additional cost.

Your End-to-End AI Solution

SherloQ™ with IBM Watson understands your target customers, gains insights from their conversations and optimizes digital campaign performance to reduce waste.

As SherloQ™ processes and categorizes the first-party data captured on your website, IBM Watson categorizes this data in real time. This helps your firm to better understand consumers and visualize which leads are converting into your best cases.

SherloQ™ can also be used to glean conversation intelligence, giving your firm a deeper understanding of potential new clients and how they talk about your business — insight that can be used to further optimize your website for search.

Further, SherloQ™ creates a feedback loop between your business and Google Ads, automatically informing Google on the campaigns that are driving cases for your firm. This not only leads to performance gains, but also eliminates wasted marketing dollars.

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