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Big Voodoo Featured on Law.com

It’s an unfortunate truth: in the legal marketing world, talk is cheap.

Some agencies are deliberate scammers and spammers who know they’re doing harm. Others may have gotten good results for businesses in other industries but have no idea just how different the legal vertical is. Either way, they’ll promise you the world, but they can’t deliver. The result: your marketing dollars wasted, and often, a Google penalty that will hurt your website’s performance for years to come.

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We know how to do it the right way. Big Voodoo founder and CMO Jim Fitzgerald recently published an article on Law.com, the most authoritative domain in legal, telling attorneys what they need to know when choosing a marketing agency. Some marketing agencies have one legal client, and now they think they're experts. Don’t be fooled by pie-in-the-sky promises. Assess using these three criteria:

  1. You need an agency that understands search, follows Google’s Quality Guidelines, and has put websites on Page One.
  2. Your marketing agency must understand the specific challenges of legal marketing, especially in the ultra-competitive personal injury market. Many techniques that work for retailers and HVAC companies simply don’t help law firms – and some can actually do harm.
  3. Just as attorneys and counselors at law give prospective clients a realistic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their case, ethical marketing agencies tell law firms whether they have the right components to succeed in search.

You can read the full article on Law.com. And if you’re ready to find out what Big Voodoo can do for your firm, give us a call or contact us online today.

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