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Brand Evangelists: Get Them Singing Your Praises

Referrals are valuable to every business and usually require little or no financial investment. We know you have brand advocates because true success isn’t possible without them. Clients who say positive things about you, your staff and their overall experience with your firm will likely refer you to a friend or family member.

Drawing of influencers

If you’re up to date on our blog series, you know that we often talk about a quality client experience. This is a must for businesses to survive and grow, especially in an extremely competitive vertical like legal. There are numerous statistics available on the effectiveness of a positive client interaction, and while the percentages may vary slightly, there is no debate on the multiplicative benefits of an excellent client experience and the correlation to increased revenue.

And, if you are like most businesses, you are always seeking ways to improve and reward staff for their efforts that are core to the client experience. One way that you can achieve this is by acknowledging staff members by individual referral, or possibly the team member who brings in the most referrals. Creating an environment that acknowledges your staff’s positive contributions will motivate your team to consistently provide a high level of service. This is the first step in developing referral opportunities.

Here are few tips for consideration:

  • Send out monthly communications to your team that publicly applaud staff who have received referrals.
  • Make sure you include the ability to obtain referrals through superior service in employee performance feedback.
  • Educate your staff on how to let clients know that a referral from friends or family is the highest compliment one can receive.
  • Send a note of gratitude to someone who has referred your firm a new client.
  • Ask your clients for an online review, preferably on Google. Clients who have had a favorable experience are usually happy to provide a review.

To optimize your success, you have to make the time, set the bar and acknowledge positive behavior. Not only will you have a happy and motivated team, but clients who are pleased with your firm will be more likely to refer you to others. It’s a revenue opportunity for little or no investment.

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