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Google Core Web Vitals: It’s Complicated!

Like all things Google, the Core Web Vitals update is complex and there are many factors involved. Before going into those factors, it’s important to start by saying that Big Voodoo has been preparing for this update for over a year, so our clients are well-prepared.

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What is Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals is a series of factors that make up Google's page experience score, which is an evaluation of a site's overall user experience. There are many factors that go into this score, from servers and code to design and UX, even page load speed. When executing on these updates, your approach needs to be strategic, something Big Voodoo’s infrastructure has been carefully architected to handle.

Google has been very transparent about the Core Web Vitals update and has provided tools for developers to evaluate where a site stands.

Big Voodoo uses not one, but six different tools to make sure our clients’ sites are meeting these standards. While there are many critical components that we adhere to closely, there are some factors that we can push the boundaries a bit.

We know the rules. That’s why we also know when it’s okay to break them.

Over a Year of Preparation

Again, Big Voodoo has been preparing for this update for over a year. Our servers and code are in line with Google’s standards, and our sites are fast, light, and quick. Our designs are where we sometimes need to push the boundaries.

While Big Voodoo has strategically gone through to improve our designs for Core Web Vitals, there are still some sites that have a consumer-centric design.

This is because, in certain instances, the brand and personality of a site matters just as much as load speed. While you can have a faster site when you strip away a site’s brand, this sometimes takes away from the overall customer experience and can result in fewer conversions.

The Sky is Falling?! We Think Not

With Core Web Vitals in full effect, expect to hear a lot of vendors tell you that the sky is falling. Don’t worry, it’s not. Big Voodoo’s websites are optimized for this update and are ranking at the top of search results.

As previously mentioned, we use six different tools to score our websites for Core Web Vitals, whereas a lot of other vendors only use one. While we design our sites so that the brand is prominent, we also ensure that all other factors are highly optimized.

Big Voodoo has been on top of this update for a long time, as we stay on top of any updates like this. Everything we do, we have technology and innovation at our core. That's the value of having Big Voodoo as your marketing partner.

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