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Google's March 2024 Core Update: What You Need to Know

Google’s recent release of the expansive March 2024 Core Update, coupled with a series of spam updates, aims to elevate search quality and combat the proliferation of low-quality content online by showing less content that feels like it was written solely for search engines and more content that people find useful.

Unlike previous core updates, which usually take 2 weeks, the March 2024 update will have an extended rollout period of 4 to 5 weeks. Throughout this period, Google will make continuous updates to core ranking systems.

In short, Google is cracking down on artificial intelligence (AI) content and they’re serious.

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One of the most notable aspects of the March 2024 Core Update is the integration of the Helpful Content Update into Google's core ranking systems. This significant shift underscores Google's emphasis on prioritizing informative and relevant content in search results.

“We expect that the combination of this update and our previous efforts will collectively reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%."
- Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product for Search at Google

Along with the core update, Google also rolled out a series of spam updates designed to combat manipulative tactics and spammy content. Due to this, it might be harder to tell which update a site is impacted by.

What’s To Be Done?

As always, website owners can mitigate the risk of being adversely affected by these changes by adhering to best practices and focusing on producing high-quality content.

However, with Google's increased emphasis on helpful content and the ongoing battle against spam, prioritizing quality over quantity is more important than ever. Investing in a strategic partner and adhering to Google's guidelines can position you for long-term success.

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