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Google Review Hide-and-Seek

Has a client told you they posted a review and you question it because it is not there? Or you’ve received a Google notification that a new review posted and it is nowhere to be found?

Are these reviews hidden or gone? There are a few reasons why Google may have removed a review that was posted.

The most common explanation is that the review was not in compliance with Google’s terms of service. For example, the Google algorithm deems it a spam/fake review, or it contained inappropriate content or profanity.

Some other reasons may be:

  • User/reviewer error. Possibly your client thought they posted the review, but the process was not completed, or they simply had internet issues.
  • There is a Google technical issue, and once resolved, the review will be visible.
  • Your Google Business Profile was suspended, and when reinstated, reviews were missing.

Importance of reviews

Google’s Spam Detection Algorithm: Determining the Rules

Google uses spam detection algorithms to determine whether reviews are legitimate and in compliance with their guidelines. If Google determines a review is in compliance, it will appear on your Google Business Profile. Note, the appearance of a new review is not necessarily immediate. It may take some time for a new review to appear, and occasionally, reviews can take longer to show up on Google Search vs. Google Maps.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when Google’s algorithm incorrectly identifies a legitimate review as spam and subsequently removes it. Since this process is technology-driven via the algorithm, it can be challenging to get the removed review reinstated, even with the help of Google support, which can be limited.

Action Steps To Seek Out Missing Reviews:

  • Double-check that the review is in compliance with the guidelines.
  • Wait a day or two as there may be a delay with the posting.
  • Still missing? Contact Google support for help or advice.

It’s not easy to request and build reviews. When you put in that effort, only to find out afterwards that the review is nowhere to be found, it’s frustrating. Yet, reviews are essential to search, so it’s important to maintain a concerted effort to obtain them.

Big Voodoo is here to help. We will do our best to get your missing review reinstated, yet it is important to remember, it is ultimately Google’s decision.

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