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Got Expertise?

Underwater graphic looking up at sharks swimming near the surface. The text on the graphic says: If your law firm's site doesn't have expertise, it could be useless. Here's Why.

As an attorney, you’ve done the work. You’ve established yourself as an expert professional in your field–but does your website communicate that? And more importantly, does Google know that?

Here’s why your website could be useless without expertise.

To be an expert, the content on your law firm’s site must be accurate and focused. Period.

First off—your law firm’s site falls in the Your Money or Your Life category

Here’s what you need to know: 

Google uses YMYL to categorize sites that impact a consumer’s:

  • Finances
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Happiness

Legal sites fall into this category. This means that Google holds your law firm’s site to the highest E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trust) standards, because of the type of content presented and the consequences that could arise if the content is not accurate.

Sites and associated content in the YMYL category are held to a higher standard by Google because they have the power to alter a person’s life. Since consumers may be using your site to make significant life decisions, the content on your site must be accurate to best serve the consumer.

As a YMYL site, your search rankings and visibility depend on your site’s ability to have content of the highest quality.

The content on your law firm’s site must be accurate.

To get the most qualified traffic from search, your law firm’s website needs to be at the top in legal search. 

What helps your law firm’s site get to the top of search? 

To reiterate, your law firm’s site needs serious content to be taken seriously by Google—aka, you need to demonstrate your expertise in the field. To be considered an expert, your law firm’s site needs to have a strategic focus. That means your site’s content is focused on a singular practice area. Secondary practice areas can be present, yet the content needs to be weighted appropriately to your primary practice area to effectively search. If you come off as a law firm that is a “Jack of all trades,” Google will see your site as lacking direction and will not see you as an expert in any particular practice area. If Google is confused about what your firm is all about, ranking will be nearly impossible. So, this will leave you sitting at the bottom of search scratching your head, looking up at your competitors.

Why is it important that your law firm’s site has a singular strategic focus?

Legal is the most competitive category in Google search. Google serves sites of experts who exhibit focus, experience, authority, and credibility in a specific area to best address its consumers’ search requests. If Google likes what it sees, your site will be rewarded by searching well. If your site is not searching effectively, you’re missing out on leads. Your site is your most valuable digital asset, so make sure it is working hard for you and driving leads that you can convert to cases.

The content on your law firm’s site must be focused.

You now know your law firm’s site needs a focus area—what’s your next move?

Get the expertise your website needs from the legal marketing experts—Big Voodoo. Big Voodoo will develop a strategic approach leveraging SEO and digital best practices. When law firms hire us, they have partners with unparalleled expertise in the field of digital legal advertising.

Your law firm’s site is your most valuable digital asset. Give it the expertise it needs to rank from the experts in legal marketing—Big Voodoo.

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