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Growing Your Online Presence

Having the right media mix is critical to any marketing plan. When it comes to online marketing there is no question winning Organic Search should be the primary goal of any website, particularly in legal marketing. And that is always our primary goal for your site.

Once that plan is established and underway, the question we hear often from successful firms is: What more can we do? That is a smart question. The best next step is often adding Pay Per Click (PPC).

You can read more about the how and what of Pay Per Click here from our post this past March but today we want to talk a little more about why you should consider adding this when things are going well.

  • PPC can help you expand geographically (where you do not have an office)
  • PPC can allow for targeting (Think Mass Tort, i.e. Depuy Hips)
  • PPC can be used strategically to dominate (a top page ad, an organic listing, and Places (map) listing can give you 3 placements on page one)
  • PPC can help dominate smart phone results (first 2 of 3 showing are typically ads)
  • PPC can help insulate from periodic Algorithms updates (most recently: Google Pigeon)

These are just a few reasons to consider using PPC as part of your media mix. It's good form, especially when used strategically to achieve specific goals to add to your long-term success.

One last concept that we'll leave you with - the most successful brands view marketing budgets as investments and not costs. When increased over time, strategically, budgets become powerful assets unto themselves. McDonald's, Coke, and Apple could easily let off the gas and rest on their success and brand awareness, but the growth of their marketing budgets protects their brands through thick and thin. The best time to add more fuel is when things are going well.

Let's grow!

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