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4 Easy Steps to Jump Start Your Firm’s Social Media Efforts

Nearly 82% of Americans use social media in some form*, yet some law firms struggle to connect with clients, prospective clients, and their communities on social media.

Law firms often say the reason they’re not active on social media is simply that they have no time. Of course you don’t have time when you’re busy managing a successful law practice. So allocating time for social media tends to be last on the priority list, especially if you do not have a staff member dedicated to it. Yet, not connecting on social media can cause a gap in a comprehensive marketing plan.

Along with the content Big Voodoo provides, it’s beneficial to have a firm centric, local and on-the-ground element integrated into your social media strategy. The good news is that your firm likely has a staff member willing and able to manage this important task.

Social Media strategy

Here are some steps to get you started in-house:

  1. Talk with your staff and see who is willing to take on this special project. Consider compensating or rewarding them in some manner for effectively managing the firm’s social media strategy.
  2. Provide the employee with a basic framework, including credentials for the social media accounts, frequency of posts (start simple with 1-2 posts per month), types of posts (categories), and an approval process prior to posting.
  3. Identify the types of social media posts relevant to your practice:
  • Client testimonials accompanied by a picture with an attorney or staff member. Videos are even better, but may take some experience to produce a nice, quality product.
  • Case results (with permission of the client), or post anonymously, for example, $10 Million Car Accident Verdict.
  • Interesting legal cases or issues in your market or state, or a current topic that has been in the local or national news.
  • The firm’s involvement in the community (donations, volunteering, sponsorships, etc.).
  • Staff announcements such as new employees, promotions, attorney speaking engagements, awards, employee anniversaries, and office celebrations.
  • Fun posts such as animal pictures (possibly the office mascot) and unofficial holidays such as National Coffee Day.
  • Posts supporting other businesses in your community, for example, Small Business Saturday.
  • Holiday hours or weather-related office closures.
  1. Evaluate the results of the posts to see what is working and do more of it.

By investing minimal time, your firm will begin the process of connecting on a different level with the community. Posting incrementally in addition to what Big Voodoo provides is beneficial for the firm. Google’s algorithm acknowledges websites that have meaningful and regular engagement on social platforms. A win-win proposition!

*Statista, July 8, 2022

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