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Benefits of Call Recording Technology for Your Law Firm

Your law firm's website urges potential clients to call and get the legal help they need now. But what are the people you hire to perform this service actually saying? Are your representatives presenting your law firm the way you want? What first impression are your workers creating?

Stop wondering whether your calling service is professional and effective. Start using our recording technology and get the most out of your employees. When you employ this technology at your company, your firm can turn potential clients into valuable customers.

At Big Voodoo Interactive, we know why law firms need to add this feature to their company. The benefits of recording phone calls* from potential clients include:

Quality control - When you record your salespeople (known as "intake specialists"), you will know without a doubt if the people hired to answer calls from potential customers are presenting your law firm in the best possible light. That's because you will hear the actual conversations that take place between your intake specialists and people calling your law firm. You will know if your intake specialists are professional, polite and asking the right questions in order to get that potential client to speak to an attorney in your firm. You can and should maintain the high standards you expect from your employees.

Training intake specialists - Law firms often train intake specialists to follow a script designed to engage callers and show empathy to their situation. With recording technology, you will know for sure if your intake specialists are asking the right questions and moving conversations in the right direction. Periodic reviews of these phone calls with intake specialists can serve as productive training exercises. When intake specialists hear exactly what works to convert calls into cases, they become better workers - and your case volume goes up.  If you can also financially motivate your intake specialists with periodic performance bonuses or compensation, you can count on a better response!

Efficient use of staff - Your intake team has a limited amount of time to talk to each potential client. In many cases, intake specialists should spend no more than 5 minutes talking with each person. If people want to have a longer conversation about their potential case, these conversations need to be steered towards experienced attorneys who know how to successfully handle cases. And the only way to know for sure that your intake specialists are making the best use of their time is to record their conversations.

Eliminating phone messages - When people are forced to leave a message with a lawyer, or if they experience long hold times, they don't even bother to wait for a response. They simply hang up and call another law firm. You need to make sure that doesn't happen to you. You need to make sure your staff has the time to talk to people interested in hiring you. Recording technology can help your law firm make sure intake specialists are efficiently handling the calls coming into your law firm. Wasted seconds can add up to missed calls. And any missed call could potentially be your next recording-setting case.

Obtaining high-quality clients - The best cases can be hard to find. Some people might not even realize their case could potentially result in a multi-million-dollar verdict or settlement. That's why it's important to record the conversation that took place between your intake specialist and the person who called your law firm. What might seem like a minor detail could turn out to be a crucial piece of information you can use to turn their question into a blockbuster case. Get the facts you need to get the best clients. Use recording technology.

To find out more how recording technology can boost your law firm's bottom line, contact your case manager at Big Voodoo Interactive today.

*Check with your state bar association to be sure a call recording is allowed in your state.

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