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Big Voodoo: Legal Marketing Pioneers

We recently shared our approach to reshaping the PI marketing industry and steering clear of the 'charlatan crowd.' However, it's crucial for us to support our position with more than just words — we stand on a foundation of proven actions and foresight.

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Our founder, Jim Fitzgerald, offered groundbreaking insights during the American Association for Justice (AAJ) event at the time of Google's significant Panda and Penguin updates (2012-2014). His foresight challenged the status quo and led the way in debunking the inefficacy of multiple website strategies for achieving search dominance that still holds true today.

Watch the video here.

In 2019, we stayed ahead of the curve by partnering with IBM Watson to create an AI-powered tool, equipping our clients for success in a cookieless internet landscape. That same forward-thinking led to our collaboration with Law.com in 2020 to create Lawyerpages, anticipating the decline of link-building in SEO. This innovation quickly became Law.com's most successful product, especially now that Google has de-emphasized link-building in its rankings as of September 2023.

Our strategies are rooted in a profound understanding of online consumer behavior, Google's guidelines, and ongoing updates. This expertise has consistently kept us — and our clients — at the forefront for two decades, ensuring sustained success in the most competitive markets. 

We know that partnerships are everything, and they say we are judged by the company we keep. Join us at the forefront of legal marketing innovation.

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