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Marketing Made for Today. Not the 1990s.

The advertising world is in constant iteration. With Google and Apple shifting mindset on privacy settings & third party tracking, marketers are asking, “what now?”

With the announcement of Google’s all-encompassing and automated Performance Max campaigns, it seems like we have the answer to all our problems. BUT we’re still missing a huge piece of the puzzle. We don’t know who, exactly, our marketing efforts are reaching.

The answer is simple: Level Up Your Strategy with Social Media.

Social media marketing graphic.

Social media was originally used as a brand developing platform and didn’t perform as well as organic SEO & PPC. It’s 2022, not 1999. Not only are there more people using social media worldwide today (about 3.96 billion), but marketing on social media platforms has changed drastically. Social media now allows us to see inside the minds of our prospects through psychographic targeting, so we know exactly who we’re talking to.

This ultimately levels the playing field, especially for the single event marketplace – meaning the audience you’re targeting may only need your product or service once in their lifetime, or not at all. In legal search, finding the right audience is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Social platforms are now, more than ever, one of the key magnets to target them.

Not only will you be active in showing your potential clients who you are, what you can provide, and the experience they’ll have with you and your law firm, but you’ll also be targeting the right people.

If you’re leveraging social media concurrently with your multichannel efforts, you’re already ahead of the game. If not, it may be time to level up your marketing strategy.

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