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Performance Marketing vs. Brand Advertising

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Q: Why has performance marketing become dominant over brand advertising?
A: Consumer behavior has changed over time. Google search is predominantly used to look for a service or product – at the time of need and decision.

Q: Why is performance marketing so important to the legal vertical?
A: Personal injury is a single event marketplace, where an individual may only need the services of an attorney once in their life, if at all. When someone gets into an accident, it is highly likely they will go to Google search to look for legal representation – and your law firm needs to be there.

Performance marketing vs. Brand advertising

Performance Marketing vs. Brand Advertising

Both performance marketing and brand advertising can be part of an effective marketing mix, with each having their own role. Let’s dive into both.

Many businesses have customer retention strategies to convert first-time purchasers into repeat customers. They want to build loyalty and ultimately extend the lifetime of the relationship. Brand advertising has a role in reinforcing the brand with consumers and developing those relationships.

While brand advertising may have a place in a business’ marketing strategy, in personal injury, using it to reach your audience can be akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. A significant segment of the audience you are targeting with brand advertising may not need your services at the time of viewing, or ever. This makes brand advertising an expensive proposition, especially to maintain an acceptable level of reach and frequency.

Performance marketing reaches the right audience at the right time. In personal injury, consumers are likely “net new” and with Google ads, you are in front of the audience at the point of decision. It is not surprising that Google’s revenue has grown exponentially each year. Businesses are fully aware that Google advertising is where you need to be to acquire leads. If you’re not there, you can bet your competitors are.

An effective marketing mix can include multiple strategies, but it is important to deploy the one that is the most focused to deliver on your primary objective, within your budget parameters.

To drive leads, a law firm’s base marketing strategy should be performance marketing. If you are sufficiently funding a Google ads campaign, then consider other strategies as part of your holistic approach.

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