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The Company You Keep

"They say we are judged by the company we keep."

These words resonate with a timeless truth that transcends industries and underscores the essence of reputation. Legal is the most competitive category in Google search, and as a law firm, the company you keep can define your firm's trajectory. At Big Voodoo, we hold this belief close to our hearts, especially when it comes to our valued partners and the law firms we serve.

Big Voodoo = Big Performance

As a Google Premier Partner in the top 1% of marketing agencies, our track record speaks for itself. While many marketing agencies tout Google Partner status, what truly sets us apart is our prestigious status as a Google Premier Partner, a rare honor held by less than 3% of businesses consistently performing in the top 1% for over 8 years.

We're Proven in Personal Injury, and we've got the numbers to back it up:

  • Over $1 billion in case values delivered
  • 98% of our PI law firms reach Page 1 in search
  • Over 8 years as a Google Premier Partner

We've continuously demonstrated excellence, and our dominance in Google's legal category spans over two decades. Having partnered with some of the largest firms in the toughest markets (Houston, New York, Dallas, Chicago) and delivered over $1 billion in case values, we've firmly planted our flag at the top of the mountain.

We're a national powerhouse in legal marketing because it's not just what we do—it's all we do.

Law.com = Big Authority

In an exclusive partnership with Law.com, Big Voodoo developed the Lawyperpages platform, Law.com's fastest-growing product with a remarkable 90% retention rate. In short, we've harnessed the authority of a legal domain like no other and have reshaped the future of online search.

With over 179 years of legal reporting, Law.com is the ultimate authority in legal news and competitive intelligence. It has the highest domain authority among legal sites and a portfolio that serves some of the world's largest law firms.

Through market-limited products such as the Power Profile and highly authoritative articles written by experts, our partnership with Law.com highlights our commitment to bringing authority and expertise to the forefront.

Together, we've crafted innovative SEO and marketing solutions that continue to raise the bar and make a difference for the law firms we serve.

Sherloq = Big Tech

In the most competitive markets, the right technology isn't only important—it's critical. Enter Sherloq.app, our exclusive AI platform and cutting-edge lead valuation SaaS (Software as a Service) product developed in close partnership with IBM Watson.

Launched in 2019, Sherloq isn't just another tech solution; it's a game-changer. It reshapes the landscape of legal marketing by seamlessly integrating with search engines, but it doesn't stop there. What really sets Sherloq apart is its real-time lead scoring capability, which is accessible right from your phone.

With Sherloq, we haven't just predicted the future; we've defined it. In 2015, long before ChatGPT was commonly understood, we were pioneering work in blockchain and AI and telling anyone who would listen that this was the future. We've always been ahead of the curve, leading the way in technological innovation and strategic insight. Now, everyone claims to be a guru.

"We don't care about gurus, we care about profits."

— Jim Fitzgerald, Big Voodoo Founder

Sherloq doesn't just analyze leads; it harnesses the power of AI to provide valuable insights and answers, helping our law firms pinpoint the highest-quality leads that can potentially translate into successful cases. In a world where every lead counts, Sherloq is the technological edge our clients need to stay ahead of the competition and secure the cases that matter most.

With the company we keep, we can help you dominate your market

Leveraging the strength of our partnerships places us at the forefront of marketing agencies. Our commitment to a forward-thinking approach has made us pioneers in identifying emerging trends and anticipating industry challenges. It's not just about adapting to change; it's about shaping the future.

The age-old wisdom referencing "The Company You Keep" isn't just a saying; it's a guiding principle. We remain devoted to nurturing and expanding our partnerships because we understand that the strength of these connections is the cornerstone of our success.

As a full-stack tech and marketing agency, our foundation is built upon these partnerships. In legal marketing, we are the company your law firm will want to keep.Big Voodoo Proven in personal injury logo.

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