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What Is Leadership?

What is leadership? Well, as Sun Tzu said, "A leader leads by example, not by force." It’s a potent reminder that true authority is earned through the trust we build, not through mere position or title. At Big Voodoo, we understand that there's only one way to earn trust that truly matters β€” through steadfast commitment and proven results.

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For over two decades, we have been at the forefront of personal injury marketing, unwavering in our belief that there are no shortcuts to success. We have seen trends come and go, seen the allure of quick fixes and "secret formulas," but our conviction remains β€” enduring success is built on marketing fundamentals.

Our approach has always remained within the core principles that drive demand generation, brand development, and lead generation. We recognize how intrinsically these elements are connected and how fundamental they are to achieving long-term success. This understanding, coupled with diligence and hard work, keeps our clients, the largest PI firms in the most competitive markets, consistently at the top of search results for more than a decade.

About a year ago, we reached a tipping point. The market was saturated with outlandish promises like "30x your leads in 30 days β€” guaranteed." The smoke-and-mirrors tactics, especially in social media marketing aimed at lawyers, were disconcerting. In response, we took a stand. Our outspoken position against these deceptive practices has initiated a change. The worst offenders have started to retract their rhetoric, and while the issue will never vanish entirely, the madness has slowed. We believe in leadership by example, and our actions have reinforced this belief.

At Big Voodoo, we have meticulously crafted a sophisticated, PI-focused marketing and tech stack. In 2019, we launched an AI application complete with attribution and lead scoring, setting a new standard in the industry. Despite our tongue-in-cheek name, there is nothing mystical about our methods. Our devotion, experience, and expertise set us apart and prove our mettle in the personal injury sector.

We invite you to join us in this journey of continuous improvement and sustained leadership. Together, we can set new benchmarks for success in personal injury marketing.

Proven in Personal Injury. Over $1B in case results delivered.

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