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Got Authority? 

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Your site is a key marketing asset for your law firm and therefore one in which you’ve likely made a significant investment.

Our previous blog discussed the importance of your site exhibiting expertise and strategic focus. You learned that to help your site rank in legal search, it needs expertise. By effectively communicating expert content, you ensure Google and consumers know that the information on your site is accurate, focused, and communicates your knowledge and proficiency in your practice area.

However, expertise is not the only component that Google considers for a site’s search position. It also takes into account your site’s authority.

What is authority?

Authority is the importance given to a site or page in relation to the search query. Google’s goal is to satisfy users by delivering on their search queries because consumers who find what they’re looking for will return again and again. The idea is to encourage repeat visits and thus expose consumers to Google ads, their key revenue source.

Authority is central to all law firm sites’ success, from startups to long-established firms and everything in between. Site authority is not established overnight; it’s a long-term strategy accomplished strategically and methodically over a period of time. If anyone tells you differently, they are likely employing spam techniques that are against Google’s Terms Of Service and will hurt your site in the long run.

Without authority, ranking and visibility will be a problem.

Why invest in authority?

Authority is a critical foundational element to favorable search positioning, whether your law firm is new or established. It’s also an ongoing process, not a one-and-done. Newer law firms need to work hard to establish authority, while established firms need to maintain the authority they’ve acquired and continue to build on it.

Building and maintaining the authority that your law firm’s site requires to be at the top of search can take years. For new law firms in this ultra-competitive search market, time is a luxury that many cannot afford. If your law firm’s site lacks authority, competing law firms can leapfrog over yours in search, giving them the advantage and visibility to capture qualified traffic, leads, and cases.

So, to achieve coveted authority, what should your law firm do?

Big Voodoo has partnered with Law.com, one of the most authoritative legal networks, to create an exciting new product, LawyerPages. Law.com’s LawyerPages is both a directory and an authority-building strategy. Not only will your law firm have visibility on this premier directory, but your site will also benefit from the authority powerhouse, Law.com, with its 19 award-winning legal publications. Law.com has built this authority the hard way, over the course of many years, and the LawyerPages product allows your firm to tap into that resource.

There are several product levels available. The Power Profile, which is the Directory’s most exclusive and powerful option, is only available to 3 law firms per market. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. The Power Profile is your law firm’s biggest opportunity to channel the highest legal domain authority to get your site to the top in legal search.

To rank effectively with Google and be seen by consumers, your law firm’s site must have authority. Get the authority your site needs with a listing on Law.com’s LawyerPages. Make a power move with a Power Profile, and lock in your authority before your competitors do!

Your law firm’s site is your most valuable digital asset. Make sure you are harnessing its full potential by giving it the authority it needs to reach the top of search from the most authoritative domain in legal: Law.com.

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