Pioneer Valley creative economy gets boost from networking, regional strategy

HOLYOKE - Creative businesses in Western Massachusetts will get help increasing their visibility, recruiting talent, finding appropriate space, borrowing capital and growing under a new partnership announced Thursday at Holyoke's Open Squarecomplex.

The state designated the Pioneer Valley as part of Massachusetts' Creative EconomyNetwork and formally partnered with the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council which is in charge of the effort.

The designation, by itself, doesn't come with state money. But several organizations are planning to apply for state grants.

Big Voodoo Interactive, a company that develops websites for law firms and is based at Open Square, hosted the event. Founder and director of web development James Fitzgerald said he pushed hard to open in Holyoke and not Hartford as his investors wanted. Big Voodoo has 17 employees and is growing.

"We need to be close to the talent that is here and we employ artists. This is an open space, it's called Open Square but it is an open environment. Creative people don't want to be in a closed-up insurance office space."

Fitzgerald grew up in Holyoke before moving away and returning . He said companies like his are a fitting use for old mill space like Open Square.

"I tell people we are still manufacturing," he said. "We're just creating products in a different way."

Helena Fruscio, creative economy industry director in the state Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, cited Holyoke as a place that has made creative industries both a priority and as an opportunity for growth. She applauded Holyoke for hiring Jeffrey C. Bianchine, as creative economy coordinator.

"It's a statewide strategy and now we are developing a regional strategy."

Holyoke Mayor Alex B. Morse said the city is really just trying to foster businesses that were taking root on their own.

"Not every good thing starts in City Hall," he said.

Ann Burke, vice president of the Economic Development Council, said more than 15,000 people in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties work in this creative economy, an umbrella a term that encompasses writers, fashion designers, graphic artists, advertising professionals and people working for attractions like the Springfield Museums.

"That's everyone from the web designers here at Big Voodoo to the digital effects artist in Conway who works for (television show) 'Game of Thrones,'" Burke said. "He whacks all the people's heads off."

But she said in some ways the creative industry community here is invisible. A goal is to get local companies to shop locally when they need creative work like a promotional video for a website.

"Don't go to someone from New York or LA," said Diane Pearlman, executive director of network-member Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative of Western Massachusetts. "We want you to call the Academy Award winner down the block. There is a lot of talent here."

DevelopSpringfield, the Fostering Arts and Culture Project in Franklin County, and the Hampshire County Regional Tourism Council are among the other groups participating.

Burke said the EDC has already hosted networking get-together for these creative workers.

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Jim Fitzgerald
Director of Marketing
Big Voodoo Interactive

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